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Meditation in Thailand
Religious tourism is becoming popular, shown in increased numbers of dharma practitioners seeking peace of mind and an escape from the chaotic and fast-paced society. The Tourism Authority of Thailand or TAT is working under the India-ASEAN framework to pr
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A dinosaur is an amazing terrestrial creature with an immense body size and physical appearance that is reminiscent of the unusual creations in sciencefiction fantasy movies. They dominated the Earth for as long as 160 million years,
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Agro-tourism: Greens Travel in Thailand
There are many fascinating destinations across the length and breadth of Thailand. TAT has carefully chosen a number of exemplary destinations in the 5 regions of the country to present an expedient and diverse selection of agro-tourism experiences. ‘Agro-
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Life Style
Bike with your heart to the Horizon of Pai
The little district of Pai in Mae Hong Son Province can be reached by taking Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son route. If traveling by car, start from Chiang Mai and move along the challenging steep roads with sharp corners.
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Healing Harmony
The Tourism Authority of Thailand or TAT and MasterCard published this book to provide information on center for beauty and health and spa for international travelers and patients. The book contains information of all categories be it hospital, clinic, spa
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Easy Travel the Way of Village
A book that answers and fulfills the need of travelers who are seeking happiness from within whenever they travel, especially to our recommended destinations that are still rich in nature, cultural routes, unofficial yet very welcoming attractions that are
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