I-San Culinary Cool

A secret of I-San food is every single dish is made from the heart of the people by truly understanding their own culture and characteristic of each seasonal ingredient with the pride of their origin.

Food is more than survival. It is our uniqueness. It tells us our origin, our beliefs and our wisdom heritage from our ancestors through time. Even now, we still write our inspiring stories not with our pen but our food. We proudly recommend exploring an exotic experience of I-San Coolinary. Are you tired of choosing what to eat? I-san food is your solution! With a flavourful and tangy taste of I-san food, you can’t get enough of it. We can’t argue with the popularity of I-san food not only among Thai people but foreigners too, with evidence of I-san restaurants avaliable all over the country. I-San food exposes the simple and sufficient life by choosing seasonal ingredients for culinary recipes added up by

cool-ish ideas which made “I-San Coolinary” and tells the story from the roots of wisdom to the soft peak of creativity surrounded by diverse kinds of the geographical environment.


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