Taste of Happiness รสชาติแห่งความสุข


Now, there’s a new dimension in choosing food and beverages with regard to health and the environment. Participating in social responsibility can also be connected with the food and culture of the local area. Furthermore, under the BCG (Bio Circular-Green) concept, the management of restaurants and street food vendors is in line with the green economy that in turn results in the development of Sustainable Tourism and Responsible Tourism. This is in accordance with the Happy Model, where you can eat well, enjoy delicious food that is clean, beneficial, safe, and cares for the environment through a variety of dining experiences.

Area : Bangkok, Chon Buri, Chiang Mai, Krabi, Phuket
พื้นที่ดำเนินการ : กรุงเทพ
, ชลบุรี, เชียงใหม่, เชียงราย, กระบี่, ภูเก็ต


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