Travel & Weave Tai Phuan Textiles, Udon Thani

Year: 2559 246

Uncover the Uniqueness of Matmi and Indigo-dyed Textiles of the Tai Phuan, and Turn Back Time by Retracing the History and Archaeology of Udon Thani


Travel and Weave Udon Thani

A trip to Ban Chiang in Amphoe Nong Han enables visitors to explore the Tai Phuan way of life and learn about how the indigo-dyed Matmi textiles are interwoven in their life.



Pottery tells the history at The Ban Chiang National Museum

The first thing visitors are recommended to do is to visit the Museum to learn more about the background of Ban Chiang.



Tai Phuan way of life and The Indigo-dyed Textiles

The ancestors discovered a small shrub that, when used to dye fabric, produced a greenish indigo colour. Indigo-dyed cloth has properties of cooling down your body by absorbing heat, enabling the wearers who work outdoors to feel cool and comfortable.



Learn about Buddhist Art at The Phu Phrabat Historical Park

The Phu Phrabat Historical Park, located at the foothills of Phu Phan Mountain in Tambon Mueang Phan of Amphoe Ban Phue. The sandstone mountain that covers the area of over 3,000 rai features rock formations of various sizes and shapes that were caused by natural erosion.


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