Sawasdee Ban Bang Phlap

Year: 2559 53

Experience the local ways of life by visiting fruit orchards of many kinds and definitely trying out the large and white pomelos. Rent a bicycle at the visitors centre and ride through he scenic route through fields and forests during the day. Even better

Whats good at Ban Bang Phlap?


Reborn Fruits: Ban Bang Phlaps Hattakam family started heir traditions of fruit preservation, transforming fruits from bitter and sour to sweet and flavourful 160 years later. Reborn Fruits signifies the villages creative ways in repurposing hat was unusable into usable. 


Ban Phaya So: This is home to a master of making So U, a Thai style bowed string musical instrument.


Chula Kites: The Chula Kite is a beautiful star-shaped kite known for being an impressive flying beauty that is difficult to make and fly. Uncle Udom is one of the last few remaining kite makers that still make these kites that have been an important part of Thai sports since the 17th Century.


Coconut Sugar: Coconut sugar is a superb alternative to white sugar due to its natural sweetness and nutritional value like potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. Locals of Ban Bang Phlap are experts in making coconut sugar.


Fruit Charcoals: Spoiled fruit is often unwanted and has to be disposed, but farmers here have found a way to turn them into beautiful and useful products, by the name of, fruit charcoal. They’re good for reducing odours in rooms or cupboards or refrigerators, and of course, start a flame. This charcoal although burnt pitch black still retains its original fruit shape.


Khao Yai Pomelos: Pomelos are the largest citrus fruits in the world and taste quite like grapefruits. Khao Yai, which they are called, literally means large and white.


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