Thai Massage school

Year: 2555 39

Learn the ancient secret of Thai massage right here in the Land of Smiles whether you just want to study the basics or looking to become a professional massage therapist. The country has an impressive list of massage school accredited by The Thai Ministry

Traditinal Thai Massage or Nuad Phaen Boran itself is not done in conjunction with the use of oils, paste and other equipment but through a series of stretches and pressure point application. A standard session takes two hours in which therapists begin at the feet and work upward to the head. Another branch of Traditional Thai Massage which has gained tremendous popularity among foreignersis the Hot Herbal Compass (Nuad Prakob). The sevret of the remedy is the Lookprakob or combination of herbs bundled together in muslin cloth then steamed to activate all the natural benefits and scents.


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