Sensational Satun

Year: 2559 57

Many people have fallen in love with a small and cozy province in the South of Thailand: Satun. With its abundance of natural forests and mountains, as well as a splash of islands in the emerald green Andaman Sea. There are many interesting things waiting

You might be amazed to learn that Satun is the home to many important palaeontological sites,some reaching back into prehistoric times. This includes the discovery of fossils from millons of years ago; such as, the remnants of stegodons ,trilobites, nautiloids and the world’s new genres of brachiopods. There are also numerous and wonderful geomorphologically significant sites to explore. Now that these sites are no longer reserved for purely academic pursuits, they have welcomed a new generation of tourists who strive for both knowledge and new experiences in the wide world.


For example, the cave by the sea that is the resting place for the fossils of a stegodon, the more ancient relative of the already ancient elephant : mammoth. There is also the enormous cave festooned with scores of stalagmites, stalactites and imprinted with traces of prehistoric sea-life on the walls. Take a walk down the narrow path of the Separated Sea. The path, sometimes called a Dragon’s Spine for its resemblance to the serpentine body of a sky dragon, is an astonishing mound of sand and shells that stretches out into the Andaman.


Anyone interested should already be packing their bags to head out to the miraculous and ancient land of Satun.


See 6 clips of Sensational Satun below.


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