Amazing Tastes of Thailand

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Thailand is considered a ‘paradise’ not only for its breathtaking beauty and inspiring culture but also for its culinary brilliance. From the dynamic lifestyle of Bangkok to the serene seaside towns in the South and tranquil villages along the Mekong Rive

Thai food is known for its flavours and use of herbs, spices, and market-fresh ingredients. An exciting combination of five fundamental tastes – hot, sweet, sour, salty, and bitter – brings contrasting yet complementary flavours and textures to each dish. Coconut milk, seafood, and fruit also play a key part in Thai cuisine. The essence of authentic Thai cuisine lies in its herbs and spices and they have contributed to the making of time-honoured dishes that reflects the true spirit of Thailand.


The art of Thai cooking consists of a unique local wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation and culinary skills by which Thai chefs meticulously transform local ingredients into beautifully presented and delicious dishes. Thai dishes are a sight to behold, decorated with graceful fruit and vegetable carvings, each with its own history and meaning.


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