Stepping Slowly through 9 Old Towns

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Some may view tourism as a kind of arts, especially tourism in historical and cultural attractions like old towns. If you want to turn back time and experience, Stepping Slowly through the Nine Old Towns has useful information about 9 ancient cities in Th

In Thailand, there are numerous ancient cities spread throughout the country. Most of the ancient cities are found in locations that are populated and have had a community continuously up till the present time. They also have a long history, accounts of social changes, and abundant culture of various periods of time that is an importantnational cultural heritage. This can also be promoted as a conservation tourism product. The present trend of architecture and the way of life is becoming another tourism product of interest by both Thai and international tourists.


This text Stepping Slowly through the Nine Old Towns has been published for tourists to kknow more about the history of the ancient cities of Chiang Mai, Ampang, Kamphaeng Phet, Lop Buri, Phimai, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Songkhla, Nan, and Rattanakosin Island. All of these 9 ancient cities have been selected in accordance with a Cabinet resolution on 9 November, 2010, for the project of promoting the ancient cities and for these locations to receive the protection, maintenance, and development together with preservation and upholding of their value as a historical and cultural heritage of their respective locality and the country.


Rattanakosin Island The Heart of Siam



Chiang Mai When The Past Meets The Present



Lampang A Bautiful simple City



Songkhla Three Roads, Miraculous Charm of a Beautiful Route


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