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In the world of business, the restaurant a company chooses to take its customers for entertaining speaks many unspoken words. In a way, it symbolizes the company’s status and how much the clients are valued. Often, deals are made based on the success of a

Thailand is a country blessed with picture-perfect natural scenery from the North to the South. In the north and Northeast, the misty mountains are covered with fertile green forests and natural flowers growing wild. There is nothing like enjoying a meal in the midst of the valleys that wind along the descending foothills and the sounds of waterfalls trickling in the background. The mountain range that runs in a maze provides a majestic backdrop for some of the most picturesque sunsets ever seen. Cool air envelopes the surrounding for an enhanced atmosphere of alfresco dining.


A timeless romantic setting, dining by the river has always been a popular choice for decades. There is something alluring about the river and its history that many find magical. Watching life along the river and boats passing by is much like watching a play on stage. It makes one reminisce about the good old days in the past when things were simple. As night falls, the glittering water sparkles with lights reflected from houses and buildings along the banks. Passing boats that make little ripples in the water even helps to create magic.



The most inspiring scenery known to draw travelers from around the world to Thailand are the heavenly beaches. The vast open sky that blends with the clear blue ocean makes the kind of picture that lasts forever in the memory. The rhythmic sound of the waves crashing into the sand and the cries of seagulls making their way back to the nest is music to the ears. The soft powdery sand under the feet caresses the tired muscles as lovers stroll along its length.


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