Year: 2560 58

In the era when money and material possessions are more important than anything else, a life that relies only on components around you sought from nature is a simple but rather free and sustainable happiness. Crops, vegetable, fruit, and herbs that can be
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Local life

It may be the weather, pristine nature, or the serene water source that bind together the friendly Nan people who wouldn’t hesitate to smile, that make them always ready to share their hearts with visitors from other localities, and influence their lifest

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Creative Tourism – Creative Young

Traveling routes for teens, a journey with your friends in places full of knowledgeable activities. Build up and open up your world!

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ล่องแก่งหนานมดแดง พัทลุง

เที่ยวพัทลุง สัมผัสเสน่ห์การผจญภัย “ล่องแก่งหนานมดแดง” ความสนุกบนสายน้ำที่ห้ามพลาด