Love is a journey

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It is said that love cannot be made to happen, but travelling with love can.

This travellers’ guide book, Love is a Journey: Thailand’s Romantic Routes, is published by Tourism Authority of Thailand, with the aim of providing information on tourist destinations for lovers of all ages and genders: youths, seniors, LGBTQ and lovers with young children, who are all looking for different things when they travel. Routes and activities suggested in this book focus on the romantic factor and cover 5 regions of Thailand. The five routes take you to romantic destinations and activities in 15 cities, under different themes that suit the character of each region. The content in this book shows clearly why Thailand is so popular with tourists, whether because of its natural attractions, culture, food, beautiful traditional festivals, or unique entertainment spots.


Travelling with one’s dearest is always a special and happy trip and travelling in beautiful Thailand definitely doubles the happiness. Lovers will enjoy Thailand’s natural beauty, its cultural heritage and the good nature of its people while following the romantic routes created for them in this book.

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