The Holy Temples & Sacred Places in Thailand

Year: 2555 41

Buddhism and Asian culture are becoming more attractive among travelers of other religions and cultures. Thailand has numerous temples and Buddhas relics worshipping sites all over the country. This book is, hence, appropriate for those who are interested

A Journey to the Enlightenment


Human beings have long been living with nature. Fears of natural phenomenon, such as, lightning, thunder and floods have led to the belief in the sacred, spirits and ghosts.  Men pleased deities by paying respect and worshipping them in return for prosperity in life. Faith and rituals began later and developed to the doctrines and religions of today.


The concept of holding such beliefs or performing ceremonies to pay respect to deities is very similar in every race and religion. In Thailand, people pay respect to sacred objects for happiness and a better life. Performing a ceremony with the Buddha’s image at the centre is the core of faith and belief in Buddhism.


Finding Success in Career and Good Fortune



Be Loved by Others



Seeking for the Auspices and Encouragement



Belief and Faith



Visiting Famous and Admirable Monks


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