Amazing Green Route

Year: 2559 51

The Amazing Green Route is one of the 7 Greens activities that will be taken travellers on a journey to explore the natural beauty, ways of life, and culture in Thailand that have been carefully preserved. The sample routes that are featured in the Amazin

Discover the Untold Stories of the Rivers and the Adventure Escapades: Samut Songkhram-Kanchanaburi Province


This route starts from Samut Songkhram, a small province in Thailand’s central region, then proceeds to Kanchanaburi  situated on the western edge of the region. This green route is set among natural surroundings, with scattered local communities and well-preserved rivers and forests. The journey can be completed by low-carbon forms of transport –  walking, cycling, riding the country’s shortest rail route, the 34-kilometres from Ban Laem Station to Mae Klong Station, cruising from a bustling pier into the peaceful atmosphere of Nypa palm plantations and canal-side communities in the countryside, and off-road explorations of the jungle, rail links, and rivers.



Visit the Green Community, Tour the Canals and Orchards, and Explore the Way of Nature Route, Trat Province


Trat is a coastal province in the East of Thailand rich in pristine nature and with numerous islands off its coast, among them, Ko Chang, the country’s second largest island after Phuket. Trat is easily accessible by road and by air. These factors contribute to its high tourism potential, ready to be developed as a major tourist destination in the near future.



Natural Beauty on the Mountain Ridges, Small Houses by the Mekong River, and the Tai Dam Culture


This route allows you to become familiar with the province of Loei. Located in the upper Northeastern region of Thailand, Loei possesses beautiful natural surroundings, cool weather, rich culture and folk beliefs, and wholesome natural resources; such as, forests, mountain ranges, and one of the world’s greatest river systems, which makes a route that caters for every taste. There are intimate touches with and access to nature in environmentally-friendly ways, comprising trekking tours, strolling among diverse plant species on the mountains, crossing rice fields, walking along rivers, and observing the community ways of life.


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