Experience Chiang Khan with your heart

Year: 2556 36

“Experience Chiang Khan with Your Heart” will take you to explore the authenticity of Chiang Khan by introducing the history, cultural heritage, and belief of the locals. Come, and discover for yourself if the charm of this classic,small town is like what

An ancient city with an interesting history, Chiang Khan had been relocated three times. Originally, it was an outpost town of the Vientiane Kingdom of Lao PDR., but after the Haw, a Chinese group from Yunnan, destroyed Chiang Khan, Vientiane and Luang Prabang, they moved to Pak Hueang. This new but strategically weak location led them to move to Ban Tha Na Chan, near Chiang Khan’s present location. During the reign of King Rama V the Great, Thailand lost territory on the left bank of the Mekong River to the French colonial power, and the Thais who resided on the Lao side, all migrated to the Thai territory and built the current Chiang Khan.

For this reason, it is no wonder that the belief, culture, and language of the people of Chiang Khan is similar to those of Lao PDR., and that the relationship between the two countries has remained intact until today. Get ready to explore the 3 routes that will introduce you to the fascinating history and way of life, as well as the astonishing scenery that will make you fall in love with Chiang Khan.

Route 1: Learn Chiang Khan’s culture through temple visits.


Route 2: Experience Chiang Khan’s traditional way of life.


Route 3: Travel along the Mekong River from Chiang Khan to Pak Chom.


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