Nan Rhythm of Dreams

Year: 2557 51

Nan Rhyme of Dreams offers you 4 routes of travel in Nan; Identity of the Eastern Lanna, Forever Beauty of Nature, Love Whisper Through Mountains and Fog, and The Aesthetic of Life.

1. Identity of the Eastern Lanna

Nan River originated on the top of a chilly and verdurous mountain, flowing down to give abundant life along its sides. People from the high and faraway land had come together on this great river, and combined the traditions, cultures, norms, beliefs and arts to become a significant characteristic through the period of time to be a notable identity of the people of the Eastern Lanna.


2. Forever Beauty of Nature

At the first glimpse of the sun as dawn breaks over the moun -tainous terrain of Nan, the jet black night sky slowly turns into navy blue, and the stars fade from the sky one by one. The first rays bathe the mountains and the clouds above in a soft, serene pink-orange light. Grey smoke from kitchen stoves and fires flows up in chilly breezes; it’s a sign of the beginning of the day of residents in the valley. Birds sing sweet songs yearning the beauty of nature.


3. Love Whisper through Mountains and Fog

Hugged by high mountains of the Luang Phra Bang Range, the small and relatively quiet city of Nan has so many things to offer to those who are yearning for a place that can brace their romantic feeling. Nan is located on the easternmost part of Thailand’s Northern region. It has every right to be one of the most romantic places on Earth with its scenic beauty of geo-graphical terrain, local heritage, culture and warmhearted people.


4. The Aesthetics of Life

Most people in the provinces are normally healthy, for they have a physically-active life in the farm or the paddy
fields while their diets usually contain natural, nutritional and chemical-free vegetables and herbs. Whether they
are local or adapted dishes, these ingredients have been enthusiastically used, in order to allow visitors to Nan province to let their bodies and minds enjoy every minute.

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แต่ละสถานที่ล้วนมีเรื่องราว ความเป็นมาที่น่าสนใจของตัวเอง การท่องเที่ยวในความหมายของนักเดินทางบางคนจึงไม่ได้หมายความแค่เพียง กิน นอน เที่ยว ให้เต็มที่แล้วเซลฟี่ภาพสวยๆ แต่การได้เก็บเกี่ยวเรื่องราว ประสบการณ์ ได้เปิดโลกใบเดิมให้กว้างขึ้น กับการทำความรู้จัก