Meditation in Thailand

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Meditation is a major aspect of Buddhism and a central component of Buddhist practice. Over the centuries, it has become highly developed in Thailand. As a form of training that can be applied to daily life, meditation helps the concentration and mindfuln

With its reputation as a safe and peaceful destination, the Kingdom of Thailand has attracted thousands of visitors from overseas who come to learn more about meditation. In addition to being ideal places in which to practice meditation, the many Buddhist temples that proliferate in every part of Thailand are the best places to discover and appreciate Thai art and architecture. Their style will vary with their geographical location and their place in history.



Meditation teaching is widely available in Thailand. It may range from English-language day classes at centres and temples in Bangkok to intensive month-long courses at tranquil forest retreats in the countryside. Most of them can be reached in as little as an hour bus ride away; even the most distant provinces are only an overnight bus or train ride away.



At some temples and centres, lay people are asked to participate in group activities, while at others they may follow their own schedule. There are also a few meditation centres that offer only intensive individual practice, with meals and other activities taking place in solitude in or near the room.



Some temples and centres require prospective visitors to write ahead with their plans for their visit, but even if required, an advance letter will always be appreciated. The following are some recommended temples and centres where visitors from overseas can learn practice meditation in traditional surroundings.


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